What does roof restoration mean?

If you own or manage a commercial structure, Why get a roof restoration instead of a new roof? There are several reasons that roof restoration is the better choice, which we’ll discuss in this piece as we answer common questions. Right now, we’ll give you two reasons that roof restoration is a better option:

Save Money
Reduce waste materials in landfill

The basic definition of restoration is the process of restoring something by taking the broken or deteriorated item and make it like new. Like restoring an old car or old home. When we’re talking about What is a roof restoration, it is the act of adding a coating to the existing roof that is structurally sound. Commercial roof restoration is done by using a highly-engineered coating product that will restore the existing roof deck. By coating an existing roof that is made from BUR, EPDM, MOD-BIT, PVC, or TPO, the roof’s lifespan is expanded for another few years.

Which is better between Roof restoration vs replacement? We mentioned two reasons earlier, but let’s recap this topic and provide you five reasons that roof restoration may be the better solution over roof replacement for a commercial structure

Save Money: A commercial size building is not cheap to maintain and when it comes to having a complete roof replacement, it is expensive! A roof restoration will save money because the existing roof does not have to be removed. That means less labor. Depending where the building is located and what type of roofing system is chosen, the average cost for a new roof can be has as high as $22 per square foot, or more. Roof restoration for the same building size and location can cost between $6 per square foot to $9 per square foot.
Roof Restoration Extends Life: A commercial roof has a typical life span of twenty years when maintenance, repairs, and upkeep are done as recommended and required. A roof restoration can add up to another 15 years of life before a new roof is needed. This allows the building owner to defer complete replacement and plan for a new roof expenditure in their capital budget.
Sustainability: As we all become more aware of our surroundings and things we can do that sustain our earth, a roof restoration eliminates adding to the already growing mound of waste in our landfills. Each year, the roofing industry adds millions of tons to the already overflowing landfills, but with a roof restoration, the existing roof isn’t removed, simply recoated. Additionally, the building owner may be eligible for Energy Star or LEED tax credits for roof restoration that makes their building more energy efficient. What business owner doesn’t want to save on taxes?!
Speaking of Tax Benefits: A roof replacement is filed on the company’s tax records as a capital expense whereas a roof restoration is listed as a maintenance expense. The maintenance listing isn’t taxed as much as a roof replacement and the replacement is depreciated. Roof expenses for commercial structures hare on a 39 year schedule for depreciation and when you have a 20 average lifespan, why not get the most from the roof as you can?
Catastrophic Loss Prevented: A deteriorating roof is a problem in the waiting. They don’t just disappear or heal themselves – they sit there and get worse and worse. The more time you ignore a deteriorating roof, the bigger the damage is getting, which is going to end up costing you more, like a completely new roof. Ignoring possible roof problems is putting your business, your employees, and others at risk.

What is involved in a roof restoration?

For a roof restoration to be done correctly, the existing roof needs to be thorough cleaned of all debris. Patching any obvious issues and allow that patching method to cure and dry. Then a commercial roof coating is applied, allowed to cure and dry. Some roof coating recommend or require a second coating, which is applied after the first coating has completely dried. Once done, your commercial roofing will have another ten to fifteen years of life added.

How long do roof coatings last?

When applied as instructed, including the thorough cleaning and any patching done, a roof coating can last up to 15 years, maybe 20 if the climate isn’t too harsh. This all requires regular inspections that include cleaning and repairs if needed.

What are the signs of a bad roof?

A commercial roof is complex and can be expensive. There are many different components to a commercial roof that need attention in order to keep the roof in good condition. That is where the recommended regular inspections are important. During these inspections, the things that you need to pay particular attention to are:

  • Ponding Water
  • Moisture or Water Stains on Ceiling
  • Rot
  • Mildew and Mold
  • Wear and Tear from Age, Climate,
  • Environment
  • Signs of Neglect

Can you redo your own roof?

You can if you have the manpower and time available to spare. Your maintenance team can learn how to do a roof restoration from videos found online and following the instructions on the roof restoration materials chosen.

However, if your maintenance team does the roof restoration, you don’t have any backup of guarantee or warranty that a professional roofing contractor would provide. So, if there is a problem, your maintenance team will need to find the issue and make repairs as needed, with the possibility of never finding it. A professional roofing contractor will have the experience to look for problems and secure the situation properly. Call (931) 220-1728 today for roof restoration in Nashville, TN.

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