Protecting your metal roof

Metal roofing on commercial buildings is standard, and as it aging and it is abused by the climate, environment, and UV rays. That often leads to having it repaired or replaced, with repairing being the first choice of most commercial building owners, for one obvious reason: Cost. That is where the wonder of metal roof coating comes into the picture.

Metal roof coating contractors are familiar with giving quotes on both repair or replacing a metal roof and the choice for repair, using a metal roof coating is the biggest request. There are always an abundance of questions though, and that is what we’re going to review today, along with the answers.

How do you make metal look new again? And How do you restore a faded metal roof?

A painted metal roof will fade over time as the UV rays beat down on it 7 days a week. Even with the best top layer metal roof coating, those strong UV rays will bake that off and then begin fading the paint. It becomes a chalky substance and oxidizes, making the entire building look aged and worn.

A metal roof coating contractor will give a quote on making a metal roof look new again, bring out the color from faded to fabulous. Of course any commercial building owner will want to know how they can do that! To the untrained, it may seem impossible, but to the experienced metal roof coating contractor, it is all in a day’s work and is completed in three steps.

  • The chalky oxidation is washed off with a power wash. This leaves a clean metal roof, but it is still dull and now it is more unprotected than it was.
  • Next a thorough inspection is done to check for any repairs that need to be made. This is important before applying a new metal roof coating.
  • Next, after the inspection and any repairs are done, a clear protective coating is applied. Once that dries, a second application of metal roof coating is installed. This restores the metal roofing and provides protection too. With proper maintenance by the building owner, this renewed color and luster will last for years.

Do you have to seal a metal roof?

It is recommended for a new metal roof and an existing roof that is being repaired and restored. A metal roof consist of individual panels that are connected together by snapping them together, then fastening to the roof decking with grommets. A metal roof sealer is applied next to protect the roof with a metal roof coating and sealer that is applied by a professional metal roof coating contractor.

Typically, before the metal roof coating and sealer is applied, a butyl seam tape is placed over the joints, the between the metal panels at the seams with the fasteners and nails covered with butyl caps. This ensures the metal roof has a complete and proper sealant.

What is the best coating for metal roof?

Cracks and rust are nothing new for metal roofing. Between the seams where the metal panels are joined, the nail and screw holes where the install was performed, not to mention the damage from the UV rays and wind. These are areas that can lead to leaks and more problems to follow.

There are a several solutions of metal roof coating for leaks and repairs available today that can repair a damaged metal roof, saving the building owner from the cost of a new metal roof. Choosing one can depend on several factors, but one of the best recommendation is a metal roof coating that also offers metal roof screw sealant and a long metal roof coating lifespan that extends the life of the existing roof. A few choices we have found to be worthwhile are:

  • Sashco 14010 – This clear, waterproof, and ultra-elastic metal roof coating and sealant is great for stopping and preventing leaks. Can be applied on finished surfaces because it is clear and can’t damage the color or design. Can be applied in temperature as low as 0°F and on wet surfaces, an all-weather product that is UV resistant too.
  • Tuff-Guard Heat-Block – This metal roof coating is reflective and rubberized in a brilliant white, great for waterproofing and sun protectant. Provides more than 88% solar reflectance and move than ninety percent thermal emittance.
  • Tuff-Guard ADV1-1GAL – This metal roof coating is rubberized and solvent-free, a waterproof coating that can seal the smallest crack or cover a complete metal roof. Use a brush, roller, or squeegee to apply, even on moist areas. Not good for a roof with foot traffic. An eco-friendly product that has minimal odor. Adheres to cement, concrete, EPDM, foam, stone, wood, and metal.

As you check for quotes and estimates on your commercial metal roof, your first question for every commercial roofing contractor should be, “Do you service metal roofing and how do you waterproof a metal roof?” They should be willing and able to answer these questions with ease and be able to explain them so that you have a clear understanding.

Ask for recent references and take the time to follow through checking these references. Request a copy of their certificate, business license, and insurance. Working with a local company so that if you have any issues, they are nearby and more likely can respond faster. Call (931) 220-1728 today for your metal roof coating in Nashville, TN.


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