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You may have many questions about what a foam roof coating is and what type of buildings it works best on. It is designed to work on commercial buildings, and it is quite popular. It is also a handy coating, which is quite versatile and can provide multiple benefits. When you want to get foam roofing in Nashville, TN, rely on the experts at Yoder’s Commercial Roofing. You can schedule a service appointment by calling (931) 220-1728.

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Here’s a look at some of foam roofing’s benefits, as well as answers to a few important questions. Some of the advantages of foam roofing:

  • They last a long time. SPF foam roofing is designed to last for a number of years before it develops any problems at all. This means you won’t have to keep getting new roofs; this type will cover you for quite some time.
  • Able to waterproof your roof. This type of roofing is also able to seal up your roof so that it is waterproof. You won’t have to be concerned that water will be able to seep in and harm the interior parts of your building. Once the product dries, it is also seamless, which means no tiny channels will appear, for water or wind to pass through. This is one of the aspects that limits damage and allows this roofing to last a long time.
  • Easy to maintain. There is little maintenance involved when you have foam roofing. This is something that may help you sleep better at night, and it can ensure that you won’t have to keep calling your contractor for support.
  • Materials are sustainable. The materials that are used to make this product are sustainable, meaning they aren’t wasting resources that are not renewable. The product is also not detrimental to the environment.
  • Can help you save money. When you opt to have foam roofing installed on your business, it can save you a lot of money when it comes to energy costs. You will be able to heat or cool the building more efficiently, without having to waste a lot of electricity. Moreover, it is rather wind resistant, which can limit damage.

How long does a foam roof last?

When taken care of properly, a foam roof can last a little over 30 years. It may be a challenge to keep it protected from the weather and other elements out of your control, but this is still quite a while. Keep in mind that a foam roof can be re-coated as well, so it will last even longer.

Can you walk on foam roof?

You can actually walk on a foam roof without harming it or your roof. This foam roof coating is actually pretty strong, so it won’t suffer any damage if you or someone else needs to walk on it for some reason.

How do you apply foam roofing?

As you would imagine based on the name, you spray foam roofing onto a roof and allow it to dry. Once the product dries, it becomes a watertight barrier, which seals the roof against leaks and air pockets. It works like insulation, but on your roof instead of in your walls and attic.

Can spray foam rot your roof?

Foam roofing is unlikely to rot your roof. In fact, it helps seal it, so that water can’t penetrate it. However, if your contractor did not do a good job with the installation, you may still have to worry about water causing a problem with rot. Be sure the contractor you call knows how to deal with foam for a roof.

How do your repair a spray foam roof?

If your spray foam roof becomes damaged or needs repairs, it is possible that it can be sprayed again, in order for it to work as it is supposed to. However, this is something that you should leave to a professional, so you can be sure that it is handled in the proper way. This is also likely to keep these problems from happening again.


Next time you are wondering if spray foam roofing is good or bad, keep all of the advantages of this product in mind. It is a great product because of how easy it is to install and when you consider that the upkeep is virtually none. However, it is still necessary to count on a professional contractor to install this type of roofing for you, so you can make sure that it works for as long as it is supposed to.

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