What Is the Best Coating for Metal Roof?

Metal roofing systems can be some of the best protection for a commercial property. They offer a ton of benefits on their own, however, over time they can lose their luster and become worn by the weather. There is a variety of metal roof coating available on the market, but what is the best coating for a metal roof?

For over 40+ years, Conklin has been the name to choose for roofing products that outperform the rest. If you have a metal roofing system, Conklin metal roof coating can offer ways to protect and restore your roof after years of wear and tear. With just one application, you can save yourself the hassle of roof replacement and get a plethora of benefits.

Whether your roof is leaking or is in need of maintenance from long-term wear, Yoder’s Commercial Roofing is here for you. As a provider of Conklin metal roof coatings, we are always happy to answer your questions. The question we are most asked is what can a roof coating really do for my property? Let’s go over the benefits of a Conklin system!

Benefits of Conklin Metal Roof Coating

For many commercial property owners, leaks are a primary area of concern. The last thing you want is to come in from heavy rain and find damage in your metal roof that has allowed water to seep in and damage the product. When this happens, you may think that repair is the only option available, if not a full replacement.

Consider a roof coating! Roof coatings from Conklin are made up of acrylic and polyurethane, which are designed to adhere to metal roofing systems. What does this do? Along with renewing your roofing materials defenses, it acts as a barrier to take the brunt of sun and storms, protecting the integrity for a longer period of time.

Still not convinced that a Conklin metal roof coating is right for you? While most commercial roof owners are satisfied with the roof leak repair capabilities, there is more on offer than simply a quick fix. Here are some of the top benefits of a Conklin metal roof coating:

  • Proven Effectiveness
  • Sustainable Roofing
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Energy Efficiency Benefits
  • Longevity

Proven Effectiveness

When you choose a material to protect your roof, you want to be able to rely upon it. With Conklin, you can rest easy knowing their product has been proven and tested over the past forty years. They have made a name in the industry due to the quality they provide within their materials, which is why roofers throughout the United States choose this brand for their commercial projects.

Sustainable Roofing

How often do you want to have to call a roofer to service your roof? For many, commercial roofing systems require having a roofer out each and every time something goes awry, from a sprung leak to extensive damage from passing through a storm. With a Conklin metal roof coating, you won’t need to call a roofer nearly as often.

These roof coatings can last up to ten years, providing your commercial property with the durable protection without any trouble. Once applied, your metal roof gets additional reinforcement, preventing the need for replacement with a simple coating re-application every decade. Instead of having to tear off a roof every few years, simply reapply and don’t worry!

Environmentally Friendly

Here’s a staggering number: Statistics show that 20% of landfill waste is made up of old roofing materials. These can come from commercial and residential properties that have to tear down and rebuild their roofs frequently due to damage. It has never been more important to reduce waste in many fields to preserve our environment.

A Conklin metal roof coating can save you from contributing to this statistic. Instead of pulling off old material and replacing new, a coating can restore your metal roof, sealing leaks and extending your current roof’s lifespan. The composition of the coating is water-based, which means it has VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, which can be damaging to the groundwater. On top of that, additional cool roofing benefits reduce your need to heat and cool your building during weather extremes, adding energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Benefits

A cool roofing system is designed to reflect light away from the property, bouncing UV rays to prevent them from heating up your property. This means that the heat from the sun won’t affect your property as readily. Visually you may notice less of a need to adjust the thermostat in your property to maintain the comfort of your guests, employees, and product.

How does this translate to a Conklin metal roof coating? The additional layer can offer the same properties as a cool roof to your metal system without compromising any defense. The quick application, once dry, prevents the sun from getting through your roof by bouncing the rays away and you can reduce your energy consumption.


We’ve already stated that a metal roof coating can last up to ten years, but it does more for your roof’s longevity as well. Metal roofing has a long life expectancy, but it can be cut short by wear and damage. With a roof coating, your metal roof’s life can be extended even longer. The coating protects the metal from being warped, rusted, or chipped from exposure, giving you a roof you can depend upon.

Does Conklin Metal Roof Coating Really Solve Problems?

Many roofing systems have pre-existing weaknesses that are just inherent in the material. For metal roofing, this can be gaps in fasteners and unsealed seams. Conklin set out to enhance the roofing material of choice to ensure that it is strong as possible and lasts as long as needed for commercial properties.

With that in mind, Conklin strives to provide seamless solutions to supplement roofing. Metal roof coating provides an additional seal to safeguard your metal roofing and remove weaknesses. The application reinforces seams and stops gaps, preventing water from seeping into your space. It acts as a second skin or flexible membrane, allowing your roof to move but maintain shape. What does this mean? No matter how the outside tries to wear it down, your metal roof stays 100% dependable.

Conklin Metal Roof Coating As Restoration

Sometimes there is just too much damage for a simple repair. In these cases, many roofers will suggest a full replacement. Before you agree, restoration may be an option. Stripping off your metal roof to just put a new one on is costly, while a coating can save you money while renewing your current roof and fortifying it.

A restoration simply entails making small repairs and then applying a quality Conklin metal roof coating over top. This allows for the majority of your present material to be used. The best part is that it won’t interfere with your business day. Roof coating is minimally invasive, so customers can still come into the shop while the contractors at Yoder’s Commercial Roofing go to work on your roof.

The Process of Application

Knowing what to expect during any roofing service can give you peace of mind. Just how minimally invasive is roof coating exactly? What will our roofers be doing during the process? At Yoder’s Commercial Roofing, our process for Conklin metal roof coating application is simple:

  • Quick Cleaning: When starting with a coating application, it’s important to get the area as clean as possible. We remove debris, dust, and dirt to ensure the metal roof has nothing that can affect the quality of the application.
  • Base coating: With any sort of coating, it requires a base. We use Conklin base coating to start the application of your commercial metal roof coating.
  • Seam coating: Seams are an area of the roof that requires special attention. For metal roofing, this can also include fastener areas or exposed gaps. We coat these areas first to ensure they are reinforced.
  • Top coating: As the last step, we apply the choice of topcoat that will provide your metal roof with the best benefits. This final step is across the entirety of the roofing system, giving it a uniform coat and complete protection.

Choose Conklin Metal Roof Coating Today!

When you have a metal roof, wear, rust, and damage can lead to poor protection. Before you jump to the conclusion that replacement is needed, consider a Conklin metal roof coating. Conklin’s products have been providing commercial roofs with quality protection for over forty years, which is why Yoder’s Commercial Roofing is proud to be the local provider of Conklin roof coatings in Nashville, TN. Need to get started on a roofing project? Call us today at (931) 220-1728.

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